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Chesa Plonta

3 ½ rooms

Haus Clostergarten

3 ½ rooms

Haus Clostergarten

2 ½ rooms

Chesa Maluns

3 ½ rooms

Haus Talstrasse 3

3 ½ rooms

At present, I can offer you 7 apartments of different sizes, all at very good locations.

Please take a close look at the individual descriptions and photographs of the apartments and get in touch with me by telephone or by e-mail. I will attend to you personally.

I look forward to hear from you and to welcome you in Klosters very soon.

Look no further. I am very pleased to help you find a suitable place for you and your family, so that your next holiday in the Swiss Alps will be an unforgettable experience.

Living in Klosters since many years, I know the beauty of Klosters and the magnificent surroundings very well. I’m able to advise you thoroughly and to tell you about the best places to stay.

The rental fees vary from winter to summer season. If you intend to stay for a longer period, I can offer you very interesting rebates.

Are you looking for a holiday apartment in Klosters?

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Haus Wyss Tschuggen

5 ½ rooms

Hof Grischun

4 ½ rooms